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Funding Opportunities

With opportunities ranging from travel grants to dissertation development assistance, we want to support your research. Some of our past awardees have studied Moroccan modernism in Paris, economics in the Middle East, tree-ring dating of historical Ottoman structures, and the Silk Road.

Browse the Einaudi Center's funding opportunities below to see what is available.

Interior dome of a mosque covered in calligraphy

Do you need to travel internationally for your short-term research or field work? The Einaudi Center sponsors academic travel for individual Cornell graduate students and professional students. If you’re traveling between the United States and a host country for activities directly related to your dissertation or thesis research—or for other academic experiences in the international arena—Einaudi can help you get there. 

Develop your dissertation on global issues with a toolkit of resources.
The Einaudi Center’s new Global Public Voices initiative promotes Cornell faculty’s public engagement on campus, in national debates, and around the world.