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The Latin American Studies Program (LASP), celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2021, is committed to a deeper understanding of Latin American and Caribbean societies through teaching and research across humanities, science, and social science disciplines. 

LASP expands the intellectual presence of Latin America at Cornell by organizing diverse campus activities to bring together faculty, students of all levels, and the Cornell community. LASP sponsors both undergraduate and graduate minors, and we encourage students to gain meaningful international experiences in the region through study abroad programs, short-term course visits, and internship opportunities.

The LASP seminar series occurs every semester, and we bring a wide-range of guest speakers from Cornell and other institutions who study Latin America and the Caribbean.
LASP welcomes Cornell undergraduates and graduates in all fields of study who are interested in studying and conducting research in Latin America or the Caribbean to apply for the Lat
Learn more about Latin America and the Caribbean in a course that will also help you work toward achieving the Latin American studies minor.
Study Abroad Opportunity
As part of the Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad (CASA), Cornell University offers study abroad programs in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Cuba.
Professor, Soil and Crop Sciences
Professor Emeritus, Anthropology
Professor, Spanish Literature
Professor, Spanish Literature