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Gustavo Flores-Macías, LACS

Gustavo Flores-Macías, professor of government, says Ecuador is “almost like a second laboratory for Bukele’s policies. People are so desperate that...

Call for Proposals to Imagine Better Future

Faculty, find out how you can join Cornell's newest challenge. The call for research and curricular proposals is open. LOI due Feb. 26.

Mary Jo Dudley, LACS

Mary Jo Dudley, the director of the Cornell Farmworker Program, shares the agricultural risks that come with governmental mandates regarding...

Op-ed by Gustavo Flores-Macías (LACS)

Flores-Macías shares lessons from Latin America in The Hill.

Gustavo Flores-Macías, LACS

Gustavo Flores-Macías, a professor specialized in governments and public policies at Cornell University in the United States, believes that the...

Democratic Decline a Global Phenomenon

"Democracy has to be continually practiced and improved,” says Einaudi director Rachel Riedl. Read findings from our democratic threats team.
The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program (LACS) is pleased to invite graduate students to apply for the LACS Graduate Fellowship.

Gustavo Flores-Macías, LACS

“The Metastasis operation is like kicking the hornet’s nest,” says Gustavo Flores-Macías, professor of government.

Gustavo Flores Macías, LACS

Gustavo Flores-Macías, professor of government, says the government and IMF “are more aligned now than they were in 2018, and Milei has the advantage...

Amanda Rodewald, LACS

“We face enormous challenges,” said senior author Amanda Rodewald, the Garvin Professor and Senior Director of the Center for Avian Population Studies...