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Courses related to peace and conflict studies are offered through the regular college departments at Cornell. Undergraduate and graduate courses are offered through the departments of anthropology, government, history, physics, sociology, economics, and science and technology studies in the College of Arts and Sciences and through the Law School.

The Proseminar in Peace Studies offers a multidisciplinary review of issues related to peace and conflict at the graduate level. The course is led by the director of the Reppy Institute and is based on the institute's weekly seminar series, featuring outside visitors and Cornell faculty. Taking two semesters of the course fulfills the basic requirement of the graduate minor in Peace Studies and Peace Science.

Fall 2020

Courses Related to Peace Studies
Course Number Title Credits Instructor
GOVT 7937 / STS 7937 / HIST 7937 Proseminar in Peace Studies 2 Rebecca Slayton
HIST 4361 / HIST 6361 / CLASS 6681 Unconventional and Hybrid Warfare in Ancient Greece and Rome 4 Barry Strauss