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Program Management


The Judith Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies is directed by a member of the steering committee who serves a three-year term. The current director is:

  • Peter Katzenstein, Walter S. Carpenter Jr. Professor of International Studies (interim director, Fall 2022)
  • Matthew EvangelistaPresident White Professor of History and Political Science (interim director, Spring 2023) 

Associate Director

  • Sabrina Karim, Hardis Family Assistant Professor for Teaching Excellence (Associate Director, 2022-23)

Steering Committee

Members of the steering committee assist the program director with oversight and management of the Reppy Institute. 


This directory includes contact information for faculty, staff members, Reppy fellows, and visitors associated with the institute.

Please note that only professional contact data is provided. In case of an emergency or should you need to reach a person listed outside of normal business hours, please refer to Cornell People Search for additional contact information. Choose from the categories below to view directory listings.

Reppy Fellow 2022-2023

Enoch Aboi’s research focus is in the fields of philosophy (phenomenology), sociology (social identity), and politics (politics of difference) in a multidisciplinary study of how social identity influences the way individuals/groups engage other individuals/groups, and how they choose/act politic

Administrative Assistant (Part-Time)
Mavis Akosua Amegah-Dorr is an administrative assistant for the Latin American and Carribean Studies program and the Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies. 
Reppy Fellow 2022-2023

Zinab Attai is a PhD student in the department of Government. Her broad research interests include state building, governance, and gender in conflict-affected states.

Faculty Advisor, International Relations Minor
Oumar Ba's research focuses on international criminal justice and human rights for globally marginalized people. He was a 2021–22 Global Public Voices fellow.
Reppy Fellow 2022-23

Addison Barton’s research focuses on international and transnational mechanisms of norm diffusion in civil conflict. He is interested in using various micro-processes of socialization to explain this curious phenomenon. 

Director, Institute for European Studies

Mabel Berezin is Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences in Sociology at Cornell University.

Director of Graduate Studies, Regional Science; Associate Professor, City and Regional Planning

John I. Carruthers's current scholarship is focused on evaluating environmental remediation projects in the Puget Sound region of Washington State and the value of public education and other amenities in the Seoul Metropolitan Area.

Faculty Advisor, Migration Studies Minor

Debra Castillo is Emerson Hinchliff Chair of Hispanic Studies, professor of comparative literature, and former director of the Einaudi Center's Latin American Studies Program.

Reppy Fellow 2022-23

Frances Cayton is a second year Ph.D. student in Cornell University’s Department of Government with a primary concentration in comparative politics and minors in methodology and international relations. 

Program Manager

Priyanka Chakravarty is the Program Manager for the Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies. She has a doctorate in Political Science from the University of Oslo, Norway, and MPhil (Master of Philosophy) in Law and Governance from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), India.