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The Judith Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) supports student and faculty teaching and research, cross-campus interactions, and off-campus outreach. Institute activities include our weekly seminar series, as well as other events listed below.

Upcoming Events

4:45 pm

Goldwin Smith Hall, 64

Youngju Ryu, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures

University of Michigan

“President by Night” is the infamous nickname Park Chung Hee once gave to Pang Il-yŏng, the head of Chosun ilbo, South Korea’s largest daily newspaper. The nickname reveals the symbiotic nature of the relationship between…

4:30 pm

Myron Taylor Hall, 182


Andrea Cayley will discuss the importance of seeking accountability in international and national courts for the destruction of cultural heritage.When international prosecutors look to bring cases for the destruction of cultural heritage, they are faced with comments such as ‘how can you focus on…

4:30 pm

Physical Sciences Building, 120

Conventional wisdom holds that cyberspace is borderless. That assertion is wrong. Borders exist everywhere in cyberspace, generated by firewalls, network interconnections, or other control points. However, those borders do not line up with the physical boundaries of nation-states and information often flows across…

7:00 pm

Willard Straight Theatre

"In September 2018, Dr. Gulshan Abbas, sister of Rushan Abbas, was abducted by Chinese authorities shortly after Rushan's speech condemning the Uyghur genocide. The documentary "In Search of My Sister" chronicles Rushan's relentless pursuit of truth and justice, spanning multiple countries…

4:30 pm

Biotechnology Building, G10

Governments engage in transnational repression when they reach across borders to silence dissidents living abroad. Tactics for transnational repression include assassinations, abductions, threats, and direct action against dissidents’ families and friends living within the repressive government’s territory. This…