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We encourage students and faculty to participate in activities that promote interdisciplinary interaction and provide ways for ideas to be explored and shared. Our weekly seminar is the central activity of the program, bringing together interested faculty and students from all parts of the university.

Speakers are Cornell faculty or invited guests from other universities, government agencies, or organizations. The weekly lunchtime seminars, held on Thursdays, are open to anyone in the Cornell and local communities. The institute also hosts and cosponsors other events and public lectures for a wider Cornell audience. Visit Einaudi Center events to find more upcoming events.

Minor Graduate Field

The minor graduate field of Peace Studies and Peace Science is available to graduate students in any field. Masters and PhD programs in peace science are available as a concentration within the graduate field of regional science.

Peace studies and peace science provide interdisciplinary opportunities for graduate students to deepen their knowledge of international security; the structure and function of multinational systems; and the general areas of conflict analysis, conflict management, and conflict resolution. The peace science minor emphasizes mathematical modeling and game-theoretic models; the peace studies minor emphasizes historical, institutional, and policy-oriented approaches. The minors are intended to complement basic study in such fields as agricultural economics, city and regional planning, civil and environmental engineering, economics, government, industrial and labor relations, operations research, psychology, sociology, and science and technology studies.

International Relations Minor

The Einaudi Center offers an international relations minor, which is an interdisciplinary program open to undergraduates across the university. The minor provides a structured yet flexible program for undergraduates to take advantage of the vast resources available at the university for studying the politics, economics, history, languages, and cultures of the countries and regions of the world.


The Reppy Institute has sought to be a catalyst, encouraging faculty throughout Cornell to increase attention paid in their courses to issues of war and peace. Institute members also stimulate interest in peace and conflict studies through numerous guest lectures they give in a variety of Cornell courses. The Reppy Institute does not, however, offer academic credit or a major. Academic credit is offered by the regular college departments at Cornell.