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Reppy Institute Fellows 2023-24

Our Reppy Fellows are master's, doctoral, and law students at Cornell who receive unique opportunities for professional networking and development in the field of peace and conflict studies. Meet the 2023–24 cohort. 

Headshot of Amber Cheryl Mary Ingwell

Amber Cheryl Mary Ingwell

Amber Ingwell is a second-year Master of Public Administration student at the Brooks School. Her concentration is Government, Politics, and Policy, with a certificate in Systems Thinking. Her interests include artificial intelligence and technology from the perspective of government policy and military decision-making and strategy. 

Headshot of Amelia C. Arsenault

Amelia C. Arsenault

Amelia C. Arsenault is a Ph.D. student at Cornell University’s Department of Government. Her research considers the effects of artificial intelligence on international politics, with a particular interest in the global proliferation of contemporary surveillance and smart city technologies. 

André Nascimento headshot

André Nascimento

André Nascimento is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Romance Studies. His work examines how literature becomes an operative peacebuilding/peacekeeping instrument in times of armed conflicts, guerrilla warfare, or insurrections in Latin American contexts. 

Headshot of Avishai Melamed

Avishai Melamed

Director's Fellow

Avishai Melamed is the 2023-24 Reppy Institute Director’s Fellow and a Ph.D. student at the Department of Government in the International Relations subfield.  Avishai's research focuses on the long-term evolution of foreign policy strategies. He explores how emerging technologies interact with shifting domestic and international conditions to influence patterns of international cooperation and competition. 

Headshot of Ayesha Umana Dajud

Ayesha Umaña Dajud

Ayesha is a J.S.D. student (Ph.D. in Law) focused on International Criminal Law and Human Rights Litigation. Her research focuses on political genocides. She does a comparative study of International Criminal Law and Latin American National Criminal Law, comparing the historical and political processes pursued in the International and Latin American systems. 

Headshot of Becca Culbertson

Becca Culbertson 

Becca Culbertson is pursuing a master's degree in animal science. As a Reppy Fellow, she hopes to explore questions of environmental social justice to make our food systems more sustainable and equitable. Becca's thesis research focuses on enteric methane mitigation in dairy cows using different nutritional strategies with the larger goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to support climate health.

Henry Cheng

Henry Cheng

Henry Cheng (he/they) is a first-year Ph.D. student at Cornell's history department. As a social historian in training, Henry focuses on the history of radicalism in global 1960s-70s with a specific concentration on the cases of China and Asian American communities. 

Headshot of Maria Alejandra Anaya Torres

Maria Alejandra Anaya Torres

Maria Alejandra is a J.S.D. candidate at Cornell Law School. Her research interests include interdisciplinary approaches to law, environmental justice, and human rights. Her dissertation focuses on examining the intersection between rights-based climate litigation, climate movements, and climate governance at the global level.

Headshot of Yulin Li

Yulin Li

Yulin Li is a student in the M.A. Historic Preservation Planning program. Her research focuses on the value of informal practice as a participator in urban development and collective memory and heritage for people’s everyday life. She looks into the degrading industrial cities in China and USA and explores how collective memories are being destroyed. 

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