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Occasional Papers

Nine SAP occasional papers, published between 1971 and 1996, are available as open access PDF downloads.

Ved P. Kayastha
Ved Kayastha, 1996, (Revised edition, 1922-1993). 
By Our Faculty
Kenneth A.R. Kennedy, Nancy C. Lovell, Christopher B. Burrow
This figure documents the discovery of mesolithic human remains with extensive notes, as well as 89 pages with figures and plates.
By Our Faculty
Editors: Stephen Pastner and Louise Flam Most of the papers in this volume were presented in the course of two symposia, which were held at the 1978 annual meeting of the American…
Kenneth A. R. Kennedy & Gregory L. Possehl
Edited by Kenneth A.R. Kennedy and Gregory L. Possehl, 1976, 235 pages with 36 figures and plates.
By Our Faculty
Robert D. MacDougall & Bonnie MacDougall
By Our Faculty