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“Dimon’s apology shows the degree of deference foreign businesses have to show to the Chinese government in order to remain in its good graces and...

Eswar Prasad, SAP

“It’s an important step, although it’s not a huge one, if one thinks about the progress China has made in building up its physical and soft...

Seed Grant Applications Due Oct. 29

Einaudi's seed grants support faculty-led international research, activities, and events. Find out more.

Eswar Prasad, SAP

“China’s growth momentum has taken a sharp hit from the combination of deleveraging, squeeze on property speculation, and energy shortages,” says...

Prabhu Pingali, SAP

“The primary problem has been access to food due to loss of employment, primarily among low-wage migrant workers who were forced to return to their...

Einaudi Faculty and Law Students Support Legal Cases

Migrations fellow Steve Yale-Loehr and seed grant recipient Beth Lyon are processing 70 humanitarian parole cases for Afghan refugees.  

Eswar Prasad, SAP

Eswar Prasad, professor of economics and international trade policy, discusses the potential for cryptocurrencies to lead to financial instability.

Eswar Prasad, SAP

Eswar Prasad, professor of economics, discusses the future of digital currencies. 

Kassam Develops Climate Calendars

Global Public Voices fellow Karim-Aly Kassam works with Indigenous and rural people to create community-specific ecological calendars.

Durba Ghosh, PACS and SAP

Durba Ghosh, professor of history, explains that adding the Sharma family to season two of the Netflix show “Bridgerton” is historically accurate as...