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Part of the Scholars Under Threat Initiative

A group of Afghan scholars and students have found refuge at Cornell with support from sources including generous Cornell alumni.

Eswar Prasad, SAP/Einaudi

"A debt default would be a cataclysmic event, with an unpredictable but probably dramatic fallout on U.S. and global financial markets,” says Eswar...
Thirteen Cornell students have been selected to research and teach English abroad with funding from the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.

Einaudi Seed Grants Finding Fertile Soil

Read about new awards and research funded in 2022, including Alex Flecker (Amazon aquaculture) and Victoria Beard (Global Survey of City Leaders).

Eswar Prasad, SAP

Eswar Prasad, professor of trade policy and economics, notes, “China does not yet have the capacity to generate a great deal of innovation.” 

Sharif Hozoori, SAP

Sharif Hozoori, an Afghan political historian, writes on Taliban rule since August 2021. He is an IIE-SRF fellow and visiting scholar based in...

Kaushik Basu, SAP

“If you look at the overall data — GDP growth, the entire national income growing, India’s doing moderately well. The bottom end of India is not doing...

Kaushik Basu, SAP

Kaushik Basu, professor of economics, weighs on on Twitter's decision to offer paid-only verifications.

Tagore Lecture on Friday, 4/14

Kamila Shamsie will give a reading and lecture on her new novel at this year’s Tagore Lecture from the South Asia Program. Don't miss it!

Eswar Prasad, SAP/Einaudi

This essay written by Eswar Prasad, professor of economics and international trade policy, discusses the impact of countries retreating from...