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Kaushik Basu, SAP

Kaushik Basu, professor of economics, writes about the pressing issues the G20 should address. In December, India began its yearlong G20 presidency.

Eswar Prasad, SAP

Eswar Prasad, professor of economics and international trade policy, discusses China reopening and its impact on China's economy. 

Kaushik Basu, SAP

This piece on people’s hopes for 2023 includes those of Kaushik Basu, professor of economics. 

Eswar Prasad, SAP/Einaudi

Eswar Prasad, professor of economics and international trade policy, writes this opinion piece about China’s economic challenges.

Sabrina Karim, PACS/IAD/SAP

“If you receive a present at Christmastime, a new toy, you want to be able to use it. Well, this is kind of the same thing for a number of...

Eswar Prasad, SAP

“Stability of energy supplies, in terms of both prices and quantities, is a key priority for Xi Jinping as the Chinese economy remains heavily reliant...

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Fellows Speak Out on Democratic Threats

This year’s fellows will engage with major news media on nationalism and populism, civil-military relations, international human rights, and more.

Karim-Aly Kassam, Global Public Voices/SAP

“In order to solve a problem, we need multiple ways of knowing,” said Karim-Aly Kassam. “Other people see things because of their cultures, because of...

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