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FLAS Fellows

FLAS Fellow

Degree: MRP, City & Regional Planning

Language: Hindi

Research Interests: material reuse and reimagination, ecological knowledge, documentary film, indigenous spatial planning, regenerative food systems, and speciesism

FLAS Fellow

Degree: MPA, Public Administration

Language: Bengali

Research Interests: Conflict Studies, Migrant/Refugee Studies, International Development, Transnational Identity

FLAS Fellow

Degree: PhD, Government

Language: Hindi

Research Interests: climate change, development, electoral politics, identity, migration, political economy.

FLAS Fellow

Degree: PHD, Natural Resources

Language: Nepali

Research interests: drivers of human migration, social-ecological systems, South Asia relations, natural resource management and climate change, urban development, bioculture, and 21st-century land ethics

FLAS Fellow, Graduate Student

Degree: PHD, Anthropology

Language: Urdu

FLAS Fellow

Degree: PHD, Science & Technology Studies

Language: Sinhala

Research interests: queer institutional ecologies; social life of natural history; science and storytelling; notions of objectivity, the body, and the world.

FLAS Fellow

Degree: PhD, Near Eastern Studies

Language: Persian

Research interests: Jewish and Muslim diasporas, Sufism, and Persian literature

FLAS Fellow, IES Graduate Fellow 2024-2025

Priyanka Sen is a Ph.D. candidate in the HAUD program.

FLAS Fellow

Degree: MPS, Global Development

Language: Hindi

Research interests: social-ecological systems, equitable conservation, and sustainable agriculture