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“Anti-Blackness” in Chinese Racial-Nationalism

A biracial family hug one another in China
July 1, 2020

Sex/Gender, Reproduction, and Metaphors of Pathology

Kun Huang, a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature and officer in our EAP Graduate Student Steering committee, writes about "Anti-Blackness" in China, in the journal, "Praxis". Her article, "Anti-Blackness" in Chinese racial-nationalism" states: In recent years, each time a mixed-race Chinese-African person went viral on social media, a nationalist uproar erupted online. A mixed-race Chinese-African child and intermarriage between Chinese and Africans have come to symbolize anxieties over “Chineseness.” This article explores how Chinese racial-nationalism, ideologies of sex and gender, and the biopolitics of disease prevention combine to form the affective and discursive justifications for contemporary Chinese anti-Black racism.
Notes on English edition: This essay was originally published in Chinese on the “Trading Thoughts” column of (澎湃思想市场) on June 20, 2020. 

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