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Laidlaw Scholars Program at Cornell

The Laidlaw Undergraduate Leadership and Research Program promotes ethical leadership and international research around the world—starting with the passionate leaders and learners found on campuses like Cornell. 

The Einaudi Center administers the Laidlaw Scholars Program at Cornell, leveraging its faculty expertise and international partners to support student research and global networking.

The Program

In two years, Laidlaw scholars become skilled researchers, embrace data-based decision-making, and learn to lead with integrity. The program has four major components:

Laidlaw scholar presents research poster at symposium

Research Project

Laidlaw Scholars Network at Conference

Leadership Training

Laidlaw Scholars Assemble Cinder Blocks


Laidlaw scholars Ainav Rabinowitz and Medha Bulumulla stand in front of a waterfall with friends


The program is open to first- and second-year students, shaping their college careers through early research and leadership training and connecting them with faculty mentors. Learn more about the program and how to join the next cohort of Laidlaw scholars.

"This is an incredible opportunity for Cornell students to build a deep foundation in international research and area expertise with leadership skills finely honed to fulfill Cornell's grand mission of educating the next generation of global citizens."

-Rachel Beatty Riedl, Einaudi Center Director

Meet the Scholars

We currently host two cohorts of Laidlaw scholars. Meet the 2021 cohort or our newest 2022 cohort.

Laidlaw Scholars Chris Betancourt, Melanie Marshall, and Maiko Sen
Christopher Rivera, Melanie Marshall, and Maiko Sein worked at the Fallen Tree Center in Ithaca over their first summer of the program. In the summer of 2022, they will continue their work through leadership in action experiences.

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