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150 Guests Celebrated Einaudi's Impact

The Einaudi Center's annual reception on October 3 connected faculty, staff, campus leaders, and friends from across Cornell.

War in Ukraine Reshapes World Order

Einaudi panelists appeared with Ann Simmons, the Wall Street Journal’s Moscow bureau chief, in a Sept. 22 event. Watch the video at eCornell.

Fall Text-readings start soon!

The Cornell Classical Chinese Colloquium (CCCC) 古文品讀 is a reading group for scholars interested in premodern Sinographic (古文) text. The group...

Bryn Rosenfeld, IES

Though Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has said that the mobilization will be limited and gradual, “already there appears to be a disconnect...
As a Global Public Voices fellow, you’ll receive training and mentoring to expand your reach and share your expertise with wider U.S. and global...

Einaudi Migrations Postdoc Receives Postdoc Achievement Award

"Supporting students has been a highlight of my time at Cornell," says Paynter, winner of the Postdoc Achievement Award for Excellence in Mentoring.
The chapter has been published in the edited volume, The Crisis of Multilateral Legal Order: Causes, Dynamics and Implications.

Magnus Fiskesjö, PACS/EAP/SEAP

“South Africa, with its proud tradition as a shining example for human rights, struggles now, saying nothing about China’s apartheid,” says Magnus...

Stephen Yale-Loehr, Migrations

"It is too soon to tell what percentage of Venezuelans will qualify for asylum," said Stephen Yale-Loehr, an immigration professor at Cornell Law...

Mabel Berezin, IES

“Some of the old guard remain, but Meloni is attempting to construe herself instead as a "nationalist conservative," said Mabel Berezin, an expert on...