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EastAsia+ Joshua Neves

A still from the film King Kong vs Godzilla shows Kong tumbling headfirst down a skyscraper in black and white
May 18, 2021

“Southern Effects: Kaiju, Cultural Intimacy, and the Production of Distribution”

Joshua Neves, Associate Professor and Director of the Global Emergent Media (GEM) Lab at Concordia University (Montréal) spoke on “Southern Effects: Kaiju, Cultural Intimacy, and the Production of Distribution." His talk traces a particular genealogy of special effects in Asia, the talk moving from King Kong (1933) and Godzilla (1954) to the 2013 Chinese-Korean blockbuster Mr. Go (Kim Yong-hwa, 2013) and the 2021 release of King Kong vs. Godzilla, among others.  This talk was recorded on April 29, 2021.

King Kong tumbles head first down a skyscraper in this still from "King Kong" (1933).

Presented by the Cornell EastAsia+ Initiative, a collective of scholars, publishing professionals, curators, and graduate students dedicated to exploring new possibilities for academic publishing, networking, and collaboration in East Asia media studies and digital humanities research. 

EastAsia+ is generously supported this spring by funding from Cornell University’s Society for the Humanities.

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