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Stop Anti-Asian Violence

A poster by Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya with the phrase, 'I am not your scapegoat' features an Asian woman with long black hair and blue earrings in a red blouse standing against a floral patterned background in yello, pink and blue.
May 3, 2021

Supporting AAPI and combating anti-Asian hate

As a Cornell unit devoted to all students, faculty, and staff, the East Asia Program shares these resources for support, education, awareness, and advocacy.

The effort to confront racism is collaborative so we encourage sharing these resources widely.

*From a letter sent by Avery August, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Presidential Advisor on Diversity and Equity and  Wendy Wolford, Vice Provost for International Affairs. Their complete letter is linked above titled, 'Confronting Anti-Asian Bias'.

A poster of an elderly Asian woman facing the viewer states This is our home too
This image is by artist Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya and was created as part of a series titled, 'I Still Believe in Our City' in partnership with the NYC Commission on Human Rights.

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