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GPV Fellow Presents Rights-based Framework at 77th Ordinary Session

The Guiding Principles emerged from a Global Public Voices collaboration between Ian Kysel (Cornell Law) and Maya Sahli-Fadel.

Speak Up for Global Free Speech

Make your voice heard as a student leader in Cornell's freedom of expression theme year. We welcome applications from writers, scholars, activists and...

Linda Shi, Global Public Voices

"Communities can adapt to some of these effects, or at least buy time," writes Linda Shi, assistant professor of city and regional planning," but...
Dr. Sharif Hozoori was awarded an IIE-SRF fellowship in August 2021 and joined Cornell University as a Visiting Scholar at the Einaudi Center's South...

Tejasvi Nagaraja, GPV

Tejasvi Nagaraja, an assistant professor of history at ILR, says, “It is, indeed, a historic move on Biden’s part to walk a picket line — especially...

Lourdes Casanova, LACS/GPV

Lourdes Casanova, director of the Emerging Markets Institute, writes that central bank digital currency may offer tempting solutions to several issues...

Cristin Florea, IES/PACS/GPV

Cristina Florea, assistant professor of history, discusses Finland's relationship with Russia.

Alexandra Dufresne, GPV

In this op-ed, Alexandra Dufresne, Global Public Voices fellow and senior lecturer at the Cornell Brooks, writes about New York's need for population...

Estelle McKee and Jaclyn Kelley-Widmer, GPV

Estelle McKee and Jaclyn Kelley-Widmer, both professors of law, discuss recent migrant bans in this opinion essay.

Alexandra Dufresne, GPV

A column in the Cortland Standard by Global Public Voices fellow Alexandra Dufresne.