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Martin Hatch

Martin Hatch

Professor Emeritus, Music

From 1980 until his retirement in 2011, Martin Hatch taught courses in music and musical traditions of Africa and Asia, elementary music theory, the history of American music, and ethnomusicology in Cornell University’s Department of Music and Department of Asian Studies.

In keeping with the principle that scholarship is inextricably linked with “practice” and teaching, he founded the Cornell Gamelan Ensemble in 1972, and in 2001, the Cornell Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Music Ensemble, and was instrumental in the founding of the Cornell Steel Band and samba ensemble.

Hatch served on the executive committee of the Southeast Asia Program and continues as faculty coordinator of the Kahin Center. He is also affiliated with the South Asia Program.

Geographic Research Area: Southeast Asia, Africa, and Turkey

Teaching/Research Interests: Performing arts of Southeast Asia

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