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Micah F. Morton

Headshot of Micah F. Morton

Visiting Assistant Professor, SUNY-Oswego

Micah F. Morton earned his PhD in cultural anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015.

His research focuses on transnationalism, state-minority relations, social movements, religion and politics, ethnicity and nationalism, and the politics of Indigeneity in Southeast Asia and Southwest China. Recent publications include “From Hill Tribes to Indigenous Peoples: The Localization of a Global Movement in Thailand” in the Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (2019; co-authored with Ian G. Baird), “Reframing the Boundaries of Indigeneity: State-based ontologies and assertions of distinction and compatibility in Thailand” in American Anthropologist (2017;  and, and “The Rising Politics of Indigeneity in Southeast Asia” in the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies’ Trends Series (2017;

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