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Palashi Vaghela

Palashi Vaghela

Graduate Student

Palashi is a PhD student in the Information Sciences department at Cornell. Her research interests are located in technology policy, design and cultures. She works at the intersection of Information Science, Science and Technology Studies, and Anthropology. Her doctoral research is on feminist technologies, where she looks at the impact and use of technology in women’s lives trying to resist and subvert patriarchal norms in India. She does her fieldwork with women’s rights organizations, development NGOs, and collectives of female technologists in India to understand how technology use and design intersects with feminism in these different contexts. She has previously worked with feminist NGOs and startups in India after working for close to 2 years in the IT consulting industry. She has a bachelors in interdisciplinary study of information and communication technologies from DA-IICT, India.

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  • Graduate Student