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Stephan Schmidt

Stephan Schmidt

Associate Professor, Architecture, Art, and Planning

Stephan Schmidt's research interests concern land-use policy, patterns, and processes, and are focused on a number of areas. He is interested in the changing land use patterns in Europe as the result of demographic, institutional, and political-economic impacts, and the role of planning institutions to effectuate these patterns. Along with colleagues at Dortmund, he has empirically examined the role of regional level planning institutions on the urban spatial structure of German metropolitan areas and is currently using commuting patterns to examine regional economic spatial structure.

In addition, he is interested in urbanization patterns in sub-Saharan Africa and is examining the manner in which urbanization and demographic change affect land tenure systems and urban agriculture. Concurrent with this research, he has also taught a spatial data analysis workshop in Moshi, Tanzania.

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Phone: 607-254-4846