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Yaro T. Kulchyckyj

Headshot of Yaro T. Kulchyckyj

Domestic Affiliate Scholar

Yaro T. Kulchyckyj holds a Doctor of International Affairs and a Masters of International Public Policy degrees from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (JHU-SAIS). He wrote his doctoral dissertation on U.S. Foreign Policy Decision-Making: The Obama and Trump’s Administrations' Decisions Regarding Lethal Aid to Ukraine, 2014-2017. He has over 25 years of experience in diplomacy, development, and defense. He is a career public servant with the Department of State and a Senior Fellow with the Partnership for Public Service. He was the recipient of the 2015 Leadership in Action Award from the Partnership for Public Service. He is a former White House Leadership Development Fellow, an Excellence in Government Fellow, and a Fulbright alumnus. He is married, has four children, and lives in Annapolis, Maryland. 

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