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Abraham and Henrietta Brettschneider Oxford Exchange Fund

Application Deadline: March 8, 2024
Application Timeframe: Spring
Oxford University IES Brettschneider Exchange


The purpose of the Abraham and Henrietta Brettschneider Oxford Exchange Fund is to facilitate academic exchanges between Cornell and Oxford University (UK).

The awards are designed to promote scholarly interchange between Cornell and Oxford colleges, primarily in the social sciences and humanities. Cornell scholars from all colleges are invited to apply. 


Successful grant applicants will receive funding to support research stays at Oxford. The award also is open to faculty-student research teams to travel to Oxford and collaborate with their faculty and students and make use of Oxford’s extensive research and library resources. Appropriate uses of the fund include thesis or dissertation research, workshop participation, and initiating or sustaining research partnerships. Projects that foster ongoing, close collaborations between Cornell and Oxford are given priority.


  • Four to five-page (double-spaced) research proposal with bibliography
  • Detailed budget (does not count towards proposal page limit)
  • Proposed research timeline (does not count towards proposal page limit)
  • One faculty letter of recommendation 

Contact IES with questions about this award.

Additional Information

Funding Type

  • Award


  • Faculty
    • Postdoc
      • Staff
        • Student