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Global Impact Graduate Fellowships

Application Timeframe: Spring
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We're looking for graduate students to join the Einaudi Center's inequalities, identities, and justice team as they map out a new global studies curriculum. Apply now to be a fellow in the spring 2024 semester!

Graduate fellows receive a stipend of $1,000 for the semester.

New in 2024: Global Impact Fellows

Launching in spring 2024, this opportunity is open to grad students from all research disciplines with a demonstrated interest in interdisciplinary and/or international work. Selected fellows will form a focus group to develop a global studies curriculum for a future Einaudi Center graduate certificate.

Global Impact Fellows will meet regularly through the spring 2024 semester with Einaudi director Rachel Beatty Riedl and inequalities, identities, and justice faculty fellows Edward E. Baptist and Jennifer Newsom. You'll play a crucial role in designing syllabi and presenting a showcase of graduate research with global impact.

Inequalities, Identities, and Justice

The Einaudi Center supports public scholarship and thought leadership to address inequalities experienced across the globe, including cleavages in society like race, religion, gender and sexuality, class, caste, language, and ethnicity. We seek to identify opportunities for transformative change and increased justice in migration and citizenship regimes, climate and land policy, economic opportunities, food systems, health, politics, and policing.

Read more about Einaudi’s work on inequalities, identities, and justice and the faculty leadership working on this global research priority.


January 24, 2024


Stipend of $1,000 for the spring semester.

How to Apply

Email a letter of interest to Sarah Pattison, associate director of academic programs. Selected students will be notified by February 2, 2024. Your letter should outline the following:

  • Your background in interdisciplinary and/or international work (through research projects, coursework, or other experiences);
  • How the fellowship will advance your research, graduate studies, or career goals;
  • What interests you about global studies and Einaudi's planned curriculum development (see blue box above).


If you have questions about the fellowship or your application, email Einaudi Center academic programs

Additional Information