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Michael J. Harum Memorial Award for Students of Slavic Languages

Russian Architecture

Application Deadline: March 14, 2022

The Michael J. Harum Memorial Award for Students of Slavic Languages was established with generous contributions from Michael's family, the Institute for European Studies, and many others who loved and respected this extraordinary man.

The purpose of the award is to support Cornell undergraduates while they continue their language studies in Russia or another country where a Slavic language is spoken. In a typical year, funding for this award is used for international travel. Due to COVID-19 and current travel restrictions, students may not be allowed to travel using this awardThe funding may be used to support a remote internship or research project. Interested students are encouraged to prepare a proposal with the assistance of a faculty or staff advisor. 

Funding Options

  • 5-6 week internship/project at 20 hours per week = $1,500
  • 5-6 week internship/project at 40 hours per week = $3,000
  • 8-10 week internship/project at 20 hours per week = $3,000

Funding will be distributed through bursar accounts to be made available for use in Summer 2022.


  • 4-5 page project proposal (double-spaced)
  • Bibliography
  • 1 letter of recommendation*
The online application form requires applicants to provide the name and email address of a faculty and/or staff recommender. Once the application has been submitted, the online system automatically generates a notification email to the recommenders, letting them know a student application has been received that lists them as a recommender. From there, each recommender is instructed on how to log in and upload a recommendation letter. The submission deadline for a letter of recommendation is March 21st, 2022. 

Questions about Russian and other Slavic language courses should be addressed to the Russian Language Program

Contact IES with questions about this award.

Additional Information

Funding Type

  • Award


  • Student