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Undergraduate Global Scholars Program

Application Timeframe: Fall
Global Scholar Mira DeGregory stands and talks with a student in front of her painting at the student showcase.


Undergraduate Global Scholars are student leaders in the campus community. The first-ever group of scholars advocated for freedom of speech on campus and around the world as part of Cornell's yearlong exploration of freedom of expression.

Einaudi Global Scholars

Launching in spring 2024, this competitive fellowship program is open to students from all colleges and majors with a passion for big global questions and speaking across differences. The Global Scholars program provides a toolkit of resources for weighing challenging questions and builds your practical skills in public debates. By the end of the semester, you'll be an active global citizen and champion for social impact.

Spring 2024 Theme: Global Free Speech

Scholars in spring 2024 made their voices heard as student leaders in Cornell's freedom of expression theme year. Bringing their skills as writers, scholars, activists and artists, poets, hands-on practitioners, and more, they advocated for freedom of speech on campus and around the world.

Global Scholars Amplify Free Expression

Obioha Chijioke speaks to a small group while pointing toward a presentation slide.

Throughout the spring semester, our first cohort of 10 scholars attended workshops and collaborated with the Einaudi Center’s Global Public Voices faculty fellows.

Their projects explored topics like suppression of resistance movements, preservation of Indigenous languages and questions of national identity and self-censorship. They presented their final paintings, poems, op-eds, zines and research papers on May 2 at a student showcase.

What You'll Learn

The Global Scholars program creates a space for studying and practicing how individuals and communities can engage about, with, and across difference and disagreement to work toward collective understanding and action on challenging global issues. Our focus will be on skills of discourse, empowering you to thoughtfully address big questions on campus and beyond. You will learn how to:

  • Determine the nature of complex global issues.
  • Understand crucial issues from multiple perspectives.
  • Test your ideas through research.
  • Respectfully interact with communities impacted by an issue.
  • Responsibly engage in advocacy to create valuable public discourse.

Mentors and Networking

As a Global Scholar, you'll meet and engage with prominent experts and leaders visiting the Einaudi Center, including this years’ speakers at the Lund Critical Debate.

You'll attend participatory workshops led by our Global Public Voices (GPV) faculty fellows—who are focusing this year on freedom of expression—and join their work producing public commentary and global perspectives on free expression. You'll also help plan and contribute to a campus symposium on global free speech with the GPV fellows.


Applications for next year are due in fall 2024. More info to come!


Stipend amount to come.

How to Apply

Check back to find out about the online application. Selected students will be notified in fall 2024. 


If you have questions about the Global Scholars program or your application, email Einaudi Center academic programs. Check out the range of opportunities for undergraduates at Einaudi.

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