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Global Public Voices

Launched in 2020, Global Public Voices promotes Cornell faculty’s public engagement in national debates and around the world.

Global Public Voices addresses worldwide inequities by elevating the expertise and voices of a diverse set of thought leaders—scholars, thinkers, and makers who can see new solutions and envision a more just and equitable future.


Check out Global Public Voices in the Media to see how our Global Public Voices fellows and alumni are expanding the reach of Cornell’s expertise with their media appearances and op-eds.

Recent Global Public Voices

In The Hill

man and woman sitting on hill overlooking Kabul, 2020
Kassam: They Did Not Die in Vain

In Just Security

Asylum seekers stand in line with border control agents

Kysel: Salvaging U.S. Refugee Law

On Hulu

Behind the scenes filming of Hulu episode of #Initiative29
Goffe: Your Attention Please

Meet the Fellows

Global Public Voices fellows work with international partners to expand the reach of Cornell’s academic expertise to new audiences. The 2021–22 theme for thought leadership and public engagement: inequalities and social justice.