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Critical Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Studies (CO+POS) highlights the latest in innovative research about Southwest Asia, North Africa, and Southeast Europe—a region encompassing the Turkic world, the Ottoman Empire, and its successor nation-states.

CO+POS gives scholars, artists, and practitioners a platform for challenging traditional understandings of this part of the world. From novel perspectives on the Ottoman Empire's architectural heritage to critical policy analyses of current events, CO+POS offers fresh approaches to the study of the dynamic region at the center of the Afro-Eurasia continent. Meet our director and faculty.

strip of tile mosaic pattern, Turkey

Losing Instanbul Minawi book jacket

Featured Publication

Losing Istanbul

Arab-Ottoman Imperialists at the End of Empire

Losing Istanbul offers an intimate history of empire, following the rise and fall of a generation of Arab-Ottoman imperialists living in Istanbul. CO+POS director Mostafa Minawi shows how these men and women negotiated their loyalties and guarded their privileges through a microhistorical study of the changing social, political, and cultural currents between 1878 and the First World War. Read more.

Chronicle: Minawi Wins MESA Book Prize, Losing Istanbul: Personal Histories Illustrate an Empire’s End

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strip of tile mosaic pattern, Turkey