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Contemporary Issues in Latin-Latino America

Photo of a LASP Seminar Series Lecture in 2019

LATA/LSP 4000/6000

Learn more about Latin America and the Caribbean in a course that will also help you work toward achieving the Latin American and Caribbean studies minor.

This course encourages students to attend lectures, LACS public issue forums, Latin American or Caribbean films, and other campus events. This course is available in both the fall and spring semesters (FA20/SP21). Featuring guest speakers, the class will explore topics in anthropology, art, economics, history, literature, government, and sociology of U.S., Latino, and Latin American contexts.

The class will meet once at the beginning of the semester before you attend a broad range of events that are directly related to Latin America and the Caribbean or Latino Studies. After each event, you will write a summary of what you have learned from the event. 

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