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The East Asia Program (EAP) offers several categories of fellowships and grants to support student and faculty research and study related to East Asia.

Applications for summer and programs for the next academic year (e.g. fellowships) generally have a February deadline. 

A fellowship is an arrangement in which financial support is given to a graduate student to pursue his or her degree without obligation on the part of the student to engage in teaching. Fellowships are generally merit-based awards intended to support a student with full-time enrollment in field research or a course of study at Cornell. 

EAP offers research travel grants that supplement the Einaudi International Research Travel competition, with support for graduate student research travel in East Asia. EAP travel grants will pay for fieldwork expenses such as lodging, travel within the research country, and research costs, while the Einaudi International Research Travel Grant will only cover international airfare. 

The East Asian Language Study Grant is the only undergraduate funding opportunity offered by EAP.

EAP also offers small amounts of funding for cosponsorship of student organizations on campus to hold events featuring cultures of East Asia.

The Einaudi Center’s new Global Public Voices initiative promotes Cornell faculty’s public engagement on campus, in national debates, and around the world.

The Department of Asian Studies provides opportunities to spend part of winter break or a summer in
Develop your dissertation on global issues with a toolkit of resources.
The Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholarship Program promotes ethical leadership and international research around the world—starting with the passionate leaders and
EAP offers its own travel grants established in support of graduate student field research in East Asia.
As a major conduit of graduate support, EAP offers the following area studies fellowships to Cornell graduate students whose work has an East Asia focus:
Eligibility The language study grant is open to Cornell graduate and undergraduate students.