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EAP Area Studies Fellowships

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Application Deadline: February 3, 2021

As a major conduit of graduate support, EAP offers the following area studies fellowships to Cornell graduate students whose work has an East Asia focus:

  • Lee Teng-hui Fellowships in World Affairs with East Asia Focus
  • C. V. Starr Fellowships in East Asian Studies
  • Hu Shih Fellowship in Chinese Studies
  • Robert J. Smith Fellowships in Japanese and Korean Studies

How to Apply

There is a single application for the four fellowships. Applicants should explain in their proposal which fellowship they would like to receive and for what reason.

Fellowships are either in-residence at Cornell or in-absentia (fieldwork research) away from campus. If you plan to use a fellowship away from Cornell, please include a complete project budget. A budget form can be obtained by sending us a request. In your application, you must specify whether you intend to use the fellowship in-residence (work at Cornell) or in-absentia (fieldwork away from Cornell).The application for funding opens in mid-November and closes at the beginning of February.

Typically, these fellowships provide a tuition arrangement with your field, stipend, and health insurance for one semester. These fellowships are considered external funding to your field, and students who receive an EAP fellowship should arrange for funding for the rest of the academic year with their department. 

There is no citizenship restriction on any of the above-listed fellowships.

Additional Information

Funding Type

  • Fellowship


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