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Cornell East Asia Series

Housed in the East Asia Program, the Cornell East Asia Series is an internationally known, award-winning scholarly imprint of Cornell University Press. CEAS publishes on subjects relating to East Asia, covering such topics as history, literature, culture and society, and translations of literary works. The series produces scholarly monographs, specialized textbooks, and well-integrated edited volumes on China, Japan, and Korea (North and South). We invite authors to submit scholarly monographs, translations of literature, and significant work of literary criticism, social analysis, specialized textbooks, well-integrated volumes of essays. CEAS actively seeks works on translations of modern Japanese poetry. CEAS brings quality scholarship and unique research by authors worldwide to an academic audience and general readers. 

Since its inception in 1973 as a venue for publishing papers in the East Asia Program, the Series has grown into its current status as a publisher with a reputation for quality and specialized academic titles. More than 200 volumes have been published to date, with hundreds of titles in print and dozens of titles available digitally for free through the Cornell University Library.


For all publication matters, please contact the managing editor at

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Chang Tan
The Minjian Avant-Garde studies how experimental artists in China mixed with, brought changes to, and let themselves be transformed by minjian, the volatile and diverse public of the post-Mao era.…
Thomas J. Mazanec
Poet-Monks focuses on the literary and religious practices of Buddhist poet-monks in Tang-dynasty China to propose an alternative historical arc of medieval Chinese poetry. Combining large-scale…
Kyokutei Bakin, translated by Glynne Walley
Kyokutei Bakin's Nansō Satomi Hakkenden is one of the monuments of Japanese literature. This multigenerational samurai saga was one of the most popular and influential books of the nineteenth century…
Daniel Johnson
Textual Cacophony explores the behaviors and routines of communication within anonymous internet culture in Japan. Focusing on the video sharing website Niconico, social media aggregation sites, and…
Wang Anyi
I Love Bill and Other Stories showcases the work of Wang Anyi, one of China's most prolific and highly regarded writers, in two novellas and three short stories. A young artist's life spirals out of…
Shu Yang
Untamed Shrews traces the evolution of unruly women in Chinese literature, from the reviled "shrew" to the celebrated "new woman." Notorious for her violence, jealousy, and promiscuity, the character…
Scott Gregory
Bandits in Print examines the world of print in early modern China, focusing on the classic novel The Water Margin (Shuihu zhuan). Depending on which edition a reader happened upon, The Water…
Charo B. D'Etcheverry
Celebrating Sorrow explores the medieval Japanese fascination with grief in tributes to The Tale of Sagoromo, the classic story of a young man whose unrequited love for his foster sister leads him…
Elizabeth Oyler and Katherine Saltzman-Li, eds.
Cultural Imprints draws on literary works, artifacts, performing arts, and documents that were created by or about the samurai to examine individual "imprints," traces holding specifically grounded…
Scott Mehl
In The Ends of Meter in Modern Japanese Poetry, Scott Mehl analyzes the complex response of Meiji-era Japanese poets and readers to the challenge introduced by European verse and the resulting…
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Ordering CEAS Titles

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CEAS Authors

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We invite authors to submit scholarly monographs, translations of literature and poetry, specialized textbooks, and well-integrated volumes of essays on the languages and cultures of East Asia. We are particularly interested in the following subjects:

  • Modern Japanese poetry
  • Early Chinese literature
  • Korean literature and culture
  • Taiwan studies
  • Disability studies
  • East Asian religions
  • Gender studies
  • Japanese colonies
  • Transnational and interdisciplinary works

Visit Cornell Press for submission guidelines. You can also contact the CEAS editor, Alexis Siemon, to discuss your project before submitting a formal proposal.

If a manuscript is suitable for our series, it will be sent for peer review. Due to the volume of submissions received and the time necessary to search for a suitable reviewer, we ask for your patience with the review process.

If your manuscript contains copyrighted material, please be prepared to show that permission has been obtained for its use. If you wish to submit a translation of a copyrighted text, please confirm that the rights are available, and be prepared to obtain approval from both the author and the original publisher. CEAS regrets that we are unable to compensate the author for any permission fees incurred, nor can we offer advances to either the original author or the translator.

Our mailbox can receive files up to 20 MB If your file exceeds this limit, please adjust or let us know by contacting

Thank you for your interest in publishing with Cornell East Asia Series.