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The Cambridge Handbook of Labor and Democracy

Cambridge Handbook of Labor and Democracy book cover

Author: Angela B. Cornell, with Mark Barenberg

By Our Faculty

We are currently witnessing some of the greatest challenges to democratic regimes since the 1930s, with democratic institutions losing ground in numerous countries throughout the world. At the same time organized labor has been under assault worldwide, with steep declines in union density rates. In this timely handbook, scholars in law, political science, history, and sociology explore the role of organized labor and the working class in the historical construction of democracy. They analyze recent patterns of democratic erosion, examining its relationship to the political weakening of organized labor and, in several cases, the political alliances forged by workers in contexts of nationalist or populist political mobilization.

The volume breaks new ground in providing cross-regional perspectives on labor and democracy in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Beyond academia, this volume is essential reading for policymakers and practitioners concerned with the relationship between labor and democracy.

Angela Cornell is a clinical professor at Cornell Law School and founding director of the Labor Law Clinic. Cornell coedited the 2022 volume with Mark Barenberg of Columbia Law School.


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Publication Year: 2022

ISBN: 9781108839884