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The Plantationocene as Analytical Concept: A Forum for Dialogue and Reflection

Tea plantation green crops in rows

Author: Wendy Wolford et al

By Our Faculty

This forum for dialogue and reflection invites empirical and theoretical inquiries that critically interrogate plantations in their myriad forms through the conceptual analytic of the Plantationocene. In doing so, we understand, and invite attention to, the Plantationocene, both as a key for interpreting histories of local to global development and for understanding the role of plantationlogics today. Not all contributors need agree that the Plantationocene is a useful concept. Rather, we envision the forum as providing opportunity for constructive debate and for highlighting the role of plantations across historical and contemporary sites, scales, and subjects.


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Publication Year: 2023

Publication Number: DOI: 10.1080/03066150.2023.2228212