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Silvery World and Other Stories

Front Cover of Silvery World and Other Stories

Author: Various

Editor: Michael J. Pettid

A new collection of translations of Korean fiction from the colonial period of the early twentieth century. The contents will introduce readers to works written from a variety of viewpoints, including those that advocate pro-Japanese stands, to anarchy, and to socialist narratives.

These works also demonstrate the growth of literature in Korea during this time as the authors use new narrative techniques and aims in their creations. Along with the translations, the volume includes an overall introduction to give readers the necessary background information to appreciate the stories and also individual introductions to each story to provide specifics on the authors and their writings.

Both Korean specialists and non-specialists will find the works in this collection easy to approach and informative of how some saw life in this turbulent period of Korea’s history. 



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  • Book

  • Cornell East Asia Series

Publication Details

Publication Year: 2019

Publication Number: 192

ISBN: 978-1-939161-02-4