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Toward a Theory of Peace: The Role of Moral Beliefs

Cover of Toward a Theory of Peace

Author: Randall Caroline Watson Forsberg

Editors: Matthew Evangelista and Neta C. Crawford

In her published dissertation, Toward a Theory of Peace, Randall Caroline Watson Forsberg—a former military analyst, peace activist, and founder of the Nuclear Freeze Campaign and Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies—posits that peace is achievable. Through her multidisciplinary research and analysis, she seeks to understand changing moral beliefs and promote evidence-based advocacy. Matthew Evangelista, Cornell professor of government and former Forsberg student, edited this edition and wrote an introduction with Neta C. Crawford.

An electronic version of her thesis is available on the Cornell University Press Manifold site to read for free.



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Publication Year: 2019

ISBN: 978-1501744358