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EAP Fellowship Awards 2020-2021

EAP Fellowship recipient collage
October 15, 2020

Scholarship Undeterred by the Pandemic

Congratulations to all of our EAP Fellowship recipients - EAP is proud to support their research and acknowledge their focus and determination to make progress in these challenging times.

  • Kun Huang, Comparative Literature, C.V. Starr
    Huang’s research explores how translation and comparison work in mediating racial encounters between Chinese modernity and global Blackness.

  • Hao Zhuang, Natural Resources, C.V. Starr
    Zhuang is examining a new experimental governance approach for environmental protection by the China state, the Environmental Public-Interest Litigation (EPiL) policy, and its effects on key actors, in particular, civil organizations.

  • Lin Yang, Applied Economics and Management, C.V. Starr
    Yang is studying the strategic behaviors of local officials’ environmental regulations with China's new air pollution monitoring system.

  • Lin Le, Government, C.V. Starr
    Le’s research asks how mass mobilization and struggle against the elite interact, and have led to major political crises in China since 1949.

  • Mia Gong, Linguistics, Lee Teng-hui
    Gong’s linguistic analysis investigates the underlying grammatical mechanism that systematically governs the available word orders in two Mongolic languages, and explores its implications for our understanding of the human language.

  • Seung-Eun Kim, Linguistics, R. J. Smith
    Kim’s work investigates how Korean speakers produce and perceive the linguistic concept of the Contrastive Topic.

  • Wenheng Hu, Science & Technology Studies, Hu Shih
    Hu investigates how the credibility and accountability of AI tools are negotiated in clinical practices, and how such social dynamics shape their technological trajectories.

  • Xiaozhong Sun, City and Regional Planning, C.V. Starr
    Sun seeks to understand the mechanisms behind uneven regional economic development with an emphasis on the impact of local governments employing urban land-leasing as a financial instrument in developing countries like China.

  • Xinyu Guan, Anthropology, Hu Shih
    Guan will conduct an ethnographic study of urban spaces in Singapore, especially the heritage districts in the old city that also function as queer, migrant, and ethnic minority spaces. Xinyu will also examine how these groups successfully navigate and claim space.

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