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EAP Spring 2021 Event Schedule

Chinese light sculptures of trees. Two people sit between them relaxing.
January 27, 2021
All event times are EST and held virtually. Please contact for accessibility arrangements in advance. CCCC=Cornell Classical Chinese Colloquium; CCCI=Cornell Contemporary China Initiative


27           3:30-5:30 PM     Antiracist Pedagogy Workshop for Asian Studies 


11           4:30-6:00 PM     Eunjung Kim, Syracuse University, Continuing Presence of Discarded Bodies: Occupational Harm, Necro-Activism, and Living Justice event co-sponsored by the CNY Humanities Corridor; this event will have CART (Captioning in real-time) provided.

12           3:30-5:30 PM     CCCC: Yuanyuan Duan, Cornell University

19           3:00-4:00 PM     Guangzhou Dream Factory post-film viewing Q and A with filmmakers Christiane Badgley and Erica Marcus

22           9:30-11:00 AM   CCCI: Ana Candela, Binghamton University  FROM COMPRADORS TO HACENDADOS: Cantonese Merchants In Peru and the Expanding Settler Colonial Frontiers of the Cantonese Pacific 


5             3:30-5:30 PM     CCCC: Beverly Bossler, Brown University

8             2:30-4:00 PM CCCI: Chenchen Zhang, Queen's University, Belfast Hukou and Suzhi as Technologies of Governing Citizenship and Migration in China

18. 19   Inequality, Labor, and Migration in East Asia Through the Prism of Global Pandemic Virtual Workshop details TBA


2             3:30-5:30 PM     CCCC: Sophie Volpp, UC Berkley

            11:30 AM – 1:20 PM       ROUGH WORK Yiyun Peng, Ph.D. candidate, Cornell History Department

12           4:30-6:00 PM     CCCI: Gerald Roche, La Trobe University Tibet, China, and Settler Colonialism

23-25     Korean Linguistics in Crosslinguistic Context virtual conference details TBA

26           4:30-6:00 PM     Kimberly Chung, McGill University Feminist Futures and Ecological Sense in South Korea


8             10 AM-Noon   CCCC: Leigh Jenco, London School of Economics and Political Science 

10           4:30-6:00 PM     CCCI: Biao Xiang, Oxford/Max Planck Institute

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