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April 6, 2021

North to South: Repair and Reparations for Climate Refugees?

The displacement of populations due to climate change forecasts an unprecedented phenomenon in human history. Neither international law nor nations are prepared to face up to this challenge in a way that would secure refugee’s human rights or their appropriate resettlement. This panel brings together different academic disciplines to bear on the question of rehabilitation and resettlement as a form of reparation to current and future climate refugees. How is it possible to think of restitutions to climate refugees by acknowledging the accountability of the first industrializing countries of the Global North in imposing this displacement on the peoples of the Global South? The intention is to start a conversation with scholars working in the areas of migration, transitional justice, art, architecture, and environmental humanities on the possibility of a just response to the displacement of climate refugees.

Ashley Dawson | City University of New York
Anne Mc Clintock | Princeton University
Bronwyn Leebaw | University of California, Riverside
Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi | Barnard College, Columbia University
Billy Fleming | University of Pennsylvania
Moderated by Esra Akcan | Cornell University

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