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Undergraduate Experience in Europe

Global Summer Internships

IES offers annual internships for undergraduates in European countries. Students receive a stipend for spending 6 weeks in a research-related internship hosted by a partner site in Europe. Learn more about Global Summer Internships.

Andrew Wallace in Pamplona, Spain

I-Communitas, Public University of Navarre

"Working with Professor Garcia-Magariño at UPNA was an invaluable and enriching experience I will never forget. Some of my work included editing a book he had written that will be published soon and analyzing a database to summarize trends in violent radicalization throughout Spain over time (I wrote a report of my findings that will be used for a future paper!).

Throughout the internship, I learned about sociological approaches to collective security, the history of terrorist organizations in the Basque Country, regional Spanish politics, the rise of far-right political parties, and so much more. I was able to polish my Spanish, utilize my technical skills, employ my reading comprehension skills, and be part of a rich and thriving academic community."

Interns pose for a photo in front of a Spanish palace.
Aleksandra Waledziak poses in Sarajevo

Aleksandra Waledziak in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Peace Education Hub, University of Sarajevo

"This summer, I conducted research in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina for the Peace Education Hub (PEH) at the University of Sarajevo, working closely with its co-founder, Professor Larisa Kasumagić-Kafedžić. My research focused on peace pedagogy, a new and interdisciplinary field based on constructive and practical approaches that facilitate intercultural (ICC) and nonviolent communication in classrooms. 

I urge all my fellow Cornellians to take advantage of the summer internship opportunities, in spite of how intimidating it may feel! For me, leaving Sarajevo this summer, I felt like I was leaving an entire world behind–complete with friendships I am certain will last a lifetime."

Read more about Aleksandra's experience.

Independent Summer Research

Every year, IES supports summer travel to Europe to conduct independent research projects through awards like the Frederic Conger Wood Fellowship and the Susan Tarrow Fellowship. The Michael J. Harum Memorial Award supports students studying Slavic languages or engaging in related research.

Melanie Marshall, Frederic Conger Wood Research Fellowship

Transition Towns in the United Kingdom: Creating a Future for All Beings

Melanie spent her summer studying Transition Towns in England, a movement in which communities choose to work towards decarbonizing their towns while creating a socially just, actively participatory, and caring culture for all.

"Traveling and doing research on my own increased my confidence to be able to navigate foreign places and talk to people and create friendships across many different cultures and strengthened my trust in where my curiosity leads me." 

Melanie Marshall stands in front of Stonehenge
Headshot of Lia Sokol

Lia Sokol, Michael J. Harum Memorial Award

Iron Fists in Velvet Gloves: Non-Violent Repression in Electoral Autocracies

Lia worked with Professor Katerina Tertytchnaya at University College London to examine the ways that governments manage dissent through nonviolent, but still repressive, means.

"My time in London was a dream come true, and I could not have asked for a more rewarding experience from an academic and personal perspective. This experience combined my professional interests with the opportunity to travel overseas!"

Student Perspectives on Going Abroad 

Hear below from past students about their experiences going abroad and what advice they have for those traveling to Europe for the first time.