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Design and Production Assistant

Linsen contributes outstanding design expertise to the development of promotional materials for the Institute for European Studies. He is pursuing a Master of Architecture degree from the College of Art, Architecture, and Planning and holds a B.S. in Architecture, '17, from McGill University.

Fulbright Fellowship Coordinator

Matthew is leading the 2020 Fulbright Fellowship applicant review process for the Institute for European Studies as an intern. A recent graduate from Cornell, '20, he holds a B.S. in both Government and French with a minor in European Studies. 

European Studies Minor Student Ambassador

Natalia Gulick provides strategic leadership for the European Studies Minor and administrative support for IES.

Program Manager

Pamela Hampton develops and implements strategies to advance the Institute’s mission of promoting research and teaching focused on Europe.

Student Assistant for European Studies

Andrew provides overall administrative support and manages special research projects for the Institute for European Studies.

Administrative Assistant

Claire Swensen’s multifaceted programmatic responsibilities include coordinating numerous events, creating promotional materials, and implementing communication strategies, while providing administrative support.