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Each year, IES administers funding competitions to support the study of European languages, culture, and society. Fellowships and grants are available for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates. The awards facilitate the development of thought leadership and discovery in the area of European Studies.

IES Undergraduate Funding

Global Summer Internships
We offer annual internships for undergraduates in European countries, supported by the Einaudi Center for International Studies. Students receive a stipend for spending 6 weeks in a research-related internship hosted in a European country. For more Global Summer internships, click here.

Research fellowships/internships
Every year, IES supports several undergraduates’ summer travel to Europe to conduct independent research projects in European countries through the Frederic Conger Wood Fellowship, and the Susan Tarrow Fellowship.

Language training
The Michael J. Harum Memorial Award supports Cornell undergraduates studying Slavic languages to continue their language study in countries where Slavic languages are spoken, or to engage in research related to these countries.

IES Graduate Student Funding

Small research grants
IES sponsors several graduate students for travel to Europe to conduct pre-dissertation research, as well as to finish writing dissertations on Europe-related themes through the Michelle Sicca, Manon Michels, and IES Graduate Research grants. The typical amount of funding is $3500.

Dissertation fellowships
Two one-semester Luigi Einaudi Graduate Dissertation Fellowships or one full-year fellowship are available every year for field work in Europe. These fellowships provide a regular graduate school stipend, as well as health insurance and in-absentia fees.

Faculty Funding
The IES Faculty Research Pods are a new initiative designed to bring together small teams of researchers from across Cornell, who collaborate to organize activities focused on a research theme related to European Studies.

Other opportunities

Broader additional research and language study opportunities are available for faculty and students with a European study focus through the Einaudi Center for International Studies. All these opportunities are listed below.

Find a funding opportunity:

Funding Opportunities are sorted chronologically from oldest to newest by application deadline and timeframe.
Application Deadline
Timeframe: Fall
The Einaudi Center's Global Public Voices advocacy initiative, in collaboration with Oxfam America and
Timeframe: Spring
Do you need to travel internationally for your short-term research or field work? The Einaudi Center sponsors academic travel for individual Cornell graduate and professional students. If you’re traveling between the United States and a host country for activities directly related to your dissertation or thesis research—or for other academic experiences in the international arena—Einaudi can help you get there. 
The Brettschneider Oxford Exchange funds academic exchanges for Cornell undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, staff, and faculty with Merton, New, and Nuffield Colleges of Oxford University (UK).