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Visiting and Affiliated Scholars

2023-24 Regional and International Affiliates

Ph.D., Lecturer in History

Jomarie Alano has taught at several area colleges, including Colgate University and Wells College and she has also taught History FWS 1335: Fascisms and History 3662: Women, War, and Peace in Europe, 1900-1950 at Cornell. Jomarie received her A.B.

Associate Professor, Public University of Navarra

Sergio García Magariño holds a PhD in sociology with an international mention and is a specialist in education and social development.

PhD, Regional Affiliate Scholar

Jennifer Germann has published widely on art and material culture and women, gender, and race in the eighteenth century.

Professor of History, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Matt Kadane is the author of The Enlightenment and Original Sin (Chicago, 2024), The Watchful Clothier (Yale, 2013), and articles and essays that have appeared in The American Historical ReviewPast and Present, and other journals

Associate Professor, University of Sarajevo

Larisa Kasumagić- Kafedžić, a 2003-04 Cornell University Humphrey Fellow Alumni spent the 2022-23 academic year at Cornell as a Fulbright Visiting Fellow, where she focused on teaching a course on Global Citizenship Education and worked on her research project Teachers as Agents

Professor of Political Science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges

David Ost is the author of Solidarity and the Politics of Anti-Politics: Reform and Opposition in Poland Since 1968 and coeditor of Workers after Workers' States: Labor and Politics in Postcommunist Eastern Europe.

Assistant Professor, Wells College

Leslie Rogne Schumacher studies nationalism, imperialism, and migration in the Mediterranean Sea and its basin from the 1700s to the present day.

Associate Professor of Playwriting, Department of Theatre Studies, Ithaca College

Saviana Stanescu is a Romanian-born poet and writer, and an award-winning playwright and ARTivist based in NY.

2022-2023 Visiting Scholars

Oscar Mazzoleni

Oscar Mazzoleni 2022

Professor of Social and Political Sciences at Lausanne University. His main research interests are nationalism, regionalism, party politics, and populism, focusing on an adaptive and multifaceted perspective that addresses changing realities across Europe and the U.S.

Dmitry Bykov in Ithaca, March 2022. Photo: Jon Miller

Dmitry Bykov 2022-2023 

Russian dissident Dmitry Bykov is an Open Society University Network fellow and visiting critic based in the Einaudi Center’s Institute for European Studies (IES). One of Russia’s best-known public intellectuals, he is a novelist, poet, critic, satirist, and university professor.

Melik Karagöz

Melik Karagöz 2022-2023

Melik is a PhD candidate at Istanbul University in the Political Science program. His research focuses on comparative politics, and in particular populism in Turkey and in global perspective. At Cornell, he is mentored by Prof. Kenneth Roberts (Government) and Prof. Mabel Berezin (IES and Sociology).

Headshot of Simon Parker

Simon Parker 2023

Simon Parker works in the fields of urban studies and urban theory, socio-spatial informatics, the politics of asylum and immigration; and comparative European politics (with particular reference to Italy). He is the author of Cities, Politics and Power (Routledge 2010) and Urban Theory and the Urban Experience: Encountering the City (Routledge, 2004; second edition 2015) as well as co-editor of The New Italian Republic (Routledge, 1996).

2021-2022 Visiting Scholars

Image of Giulia Clarizia

Giulia Clarizia 2022

Ph.D. candidate in History of International Relations, Department of Political Science at Università degli Studi di Roma Tre. She worked with Professors Matthew Evangelista and Mabel Berezin on her dissertation project focused on the relations between Italian antifascists, American secret services, and Italo-American activists from World War II to the Early Cold War, using a mixed methodology of historical research and Social Network Analysis.

Tamas Ziegler Headshot

Tamas Dezso Ziegler 2022

Associate Professor and Deputy Director, Faculty of Social Sciences of Eötvös Loránd University. His major is in EU law and European studies (including the interdisciplinary analysis of public policies and political aspects of legislation), international business law and private international law. Read more about Tamas.

Anna Unger Headshot

Anna Unger 2022

Assistant Professor and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Eötvös Loránd University. Her main research interests are democracy as a theory and a method, with a special focus on direct democracy, the politics of elections, and American politics. As an expert of democracy and elections, she is a regular guest of public events organized by NGOs and think tanks, and of the media.

Image of Manuela Caiani

Manuela Caiani 2022

Associate Professor of Political Science, Scuola Normale Superiore in Florence, Italy. Her research interests focus on: Europeanization and social movements, right wing extremism in Europe and the USA, political mobilization and the Internet, qualitative methods of social research and political violence & terrorism. Read more about Manuela.

Past Luigi Einaudi Chairs for European and International Studies

Marina Cervera Alonso de Medina Headshot

Marina Cervera Alonso de Medina 2019-2020

An adjunct lecturer in the Department of Urbanism and Regional Planning UPC-Barcelona Tech. She is the founder of her own Landscape and Urbanism Studio in Barcelona. Watch the interview with Marina Cervera Alonso de Medina hosted by former IES Director, Maria Goula. Read more about Marina.

Ebru Ozturk Headshot

Ebru Öztürk 2018-2019

A political sociologist whose research interests stands at the juncture of European and Middle Eastern Studies and revolve around the issues of religious conversion in Sweden, unaccompanied minor migration to Europe, European Islam, jihadist Islamic networks in Europe, online Islamic radicalization, critical security studies, and Kurdish political movement. Read more about Ebru.

Paolo Graziano Headshot

Paolo Graziano 2018-2019

A professor at University of Padua, Italy. He is also the Scientific Co-coordinator at the International Social Cohesion Observatory. His research interests are Comparative Welfare State policies, European public policies, social policies, and welfare state reform. Read more about Paolo.

Ozgur Cicek Headshot

Ozgur Cicek 2017-2018

A Turkish film scholar who earned her PhD in 2016 at Binghamton University in Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture. She is currently a visiting scholar at the Brandenburg Center for Media Studies (ZEM) in Germany. Read more about Ozgur.

Tiziana Caponio Headshot

Tiziana Caponio 2016-2017

The Associate Professor of Political Science and of Dynamics and Policies of Migration in the Department of Cultures, Politics, and Society at the University of Turin. She is also the research affiliate at Collegio Carlo Alberto as well as a Research Fellow at Forum of International and European Research on Immigration (FIERI). Read more about Tiziana.

Lukas Pawlowski Headshot

Łukasz Pawłowski 2016-2017

A psychologist and sociologist by training who received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Warsaw in Psychology as well as obtaining a Master’s degree in Sociology from the same University. He went on to get a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Warsaw with his thesis being on contemporary democratic theory. Read more about Łukasz.

Amara Lakhous Headshot

Amara Lakhous 2014-2015

A bilingual author of "Clash of Civilizations Over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio," which was the subject of Cornell's first-year reading project (2014-15), as well as numerous other works written in Arabic, English, and Italian. Read more about Amara.

Stefano Sacchi Headshot

Stefano Sacchi 2013-2014

An Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Milan, where he teaches Comparative Political Economy. He is also the Carlo Alberto Affiliate of the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin, where he coordinates the Master Program in Public Policy and Social Change (MAPS). Read more about Stefano.

Enzo Traverso Headshot

Enzo Traverso 2011-2012

Professor of Political Sciences at the University of Picardie-Jules Verne in Amiens and one of Europe’s most distinguished intellectual historians. Traverso taught the course, "European Civil War: Violence, Politics, and Culture in Europe", which analyzed some of the most important features of this cataclysmic time. Read more about Enzo.

Paolo Silvestri Headshot

Paolo Silvestri 2010-2011

The Contract Researcher in Philosophy of Law (University of Turin, Law School) and the President of "Osservatorio sul Buon governo"(Associazione Polis, Cuneo). His research areas include Philosophy of Law, History of Political Thought, and History of Economic Thought, with particular reference to Modern Liberal Thought and the concepts of Good Government, Rule of Law, Institutions, and Freedom. Read more about Paolo.

Joanna Krzeminska-Vamvaka Headshot

Dr. Joanna Krzeminska-Vamvaka 2010-2011

Joanna is a Head of Sector in the Trade Defence Services of the Directorate-General for External Trade, European Commission, Brussels. Before joining the European Commission she was a comparative law researcher in the program "Fundamental rights and private law in the European Union". She is also is the author of "Freedom of Commercial Speech in Europe," which examines the impact of fundamental rights on unfair competition law, focusing on the status of commercial speech in different legal systems. Read more about Joanna.

Cas Mudde Headshot

Cas Mudde 2010-2011

A Dutch Academic of the Extreme Right in Europe. He was a Visiting Scholar at the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics and Visiting Associate Professor at the Political Science Department DePauw University in Indiana, where he taught a first-year seminar on the Radical Right Movement in Europe. For several years, Professor Mudde held the positions of Senior Lecturer and Chairman of the Equivalent Department at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. His research includes the areas of political parties, extremism, democracy, civil society, and European politics. Read more about Cas.

Past Scholars at Risk

Beginning in early 2016, in collaboration with the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs and the Einaudi Center, IES has worked closely with the International Institute of Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund (IIE-SRF) to provide sanctuary for scholars at risk of persecution in their home countries. For these scholars, Cornell offers the opportunity to continue their research and teaching in a welcoming, safe, and supportive scholarly community as they pursue a more permanent situation for themselves and their families.

Ozgur Cicek Headshot

Ozgur Cicek

A Turkish film scholar who earned her PhD in 2016 at Binghamton University in Philosophy, Interpretation and Culture. She is currently a visiting scholar at the Brandenburg Center for Media Studies (ZEM) in Germany. Read more about Ozgur.

Simten Cosar Headshot

Simten Coşar

A feminist political scientist. Retired from Hacettepe University (Ankara, Turkey) as a full professor (2017). Worked at Başkent University (Ankara, Turkey) (1998-2012), Eastern Mediterranean University (North Cyprus) (1997-1998). Read more about Simten.

Ozlem Erkarslan Headshot

Özlem Erkarslan

Özlem studied architecture at Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir and obtained her master's and doctoral degrees from the same institution. Dr. Erkarslan taught as a full-time academic member in the departments of architecture of several universities between 1990-2010 including Dokuz Eylul University, Eastern Mediterranean University, and Izmir Institute of Technology. Read more about Özlem.

Azat Z Gundogan Headshot

Azat Z Gundogan

Azat received his PhD in Sociology from Binghamton University for his work on peripheral urbanization and satellite city formation in the Istanbul area. He also holds a master’s degree in political science from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, and a bachelor’s degree in political science and international relations from Marmara University in Istanbul. Read more about Azat.

Dilan Okcuoglu Headshot

Dilan Okcuoglu

Dilan received her PhD and MA in Political Studies from Queen’s University in Canada. She has an interdisciplinary background in politics, economics and philosophy. Dr.Okcuoglu's teaching and research interests primarily lie in the politics of MENA, conflict and peace studies, comparative territorial and border politics, democratization, ethnic politics and nationalism as well as state-minority relations in conflict zones. Read more about Dilan.

Ebru Ozturk Headshot

Ebru Öztürk

A political sociologist whose research interests stands at the juncture of European and Middle Eastern Studies and revolve around the issues of religious conversion in Sweden, unaccompanied minor migration to Europe, European Islam, jihadist Islamic networks in Europe, online Islamic radicalization, critical security studies, and Kurdish political movement. Read more about Ebru.

Ceyhun Mahmudlu Headshot

Ceyhun Mahmudlu

Ceyhun was an Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations of Baku Engineering University (2017-2018). He worked at Qafqaz University (2003-2017). His teaching and research specialization is comprised of a variety of topics such as Peace and Conflict Resolution, Energy Policy and Security, Nationality and Ethnicities, and Research Methods in Social Sciences. Read more about Ceyhun.

Past Regional Visiting Fellows

Regional Visiting Fellows are faculty and staff members from colleges and universities in upstate New York that have a research or teaching interest in European Studies.

Maria DiFrancesco Headshot

Maria DiFrancesco

A Professor of Spanish in the Modern Languages and Literatures Department at Ithaca College. She got her Bachelor’s degree at Canisius College in Spanish and English Literature, later going on to receive her Master’s and Ph.D. at the University of Buffalo in Spanish. Her teaching and research interests range from elementary Spanish grammar and composition to contemporary Spanish literature and film, with a particular emphasis on post-Franco Spain women's gender roles within this period. Read more about Maria.

Saviana Stanescu Headshot

Saviana Stanescu

A tenure track Associate Professor of Playwriting and Contemporary Theatre at Ithaca College. She is a Romanian-born award-winning playwright and journalist, one of the most exciting voices to emerge in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain. She has conceived, written, directed, and devised theatre projects as well as published books of poetry and drama. Her teaching interests include playwriting, play/script analysis, and theatre studies. Saviana was involved in the 2017 theatre production of "Toys" directed by Gabor Tompa. Read more about Saviana.

Andrew Utterson Headshot

Andrew Utterson

An Associate Professor of Screen Studies in the Department of Media Arts, Sciences, and Studies in the Roy H. Park School of Communication at Ithaca College. His teaching and research expertise focus on European cinema, including a particular focus on British cinema. He received both his doctoral degree in History of Art, Film, and Visual Media and his masters' degree in Cinema and Television Studies at the University of London, UK. Read more about Andrew here.

Delia Popescu Headshot

Delia Popescu

An Associate Professor in the Political Science Department of Le Moyne College. She is the Chair of the Political Science Department and the Director of both the Legal Studies Program and the Peace and Global Studies Program. She received her Bachelor Degree Summa Cum Laude from the Louisiana State University then went on to receive her Masters and Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Read more about Delia.

Matt Kadane Headshot

Matt Kadane

Matt Kadane studies the early modern period in Europe and to a growing extent more broadly. He is the author of The Watchful Clothier (Yale UP, 2013) and is finishing a new book, The Enlightenment and Original Sin. He has also written articles in The American Historical Review, Past & Present, and several other journals and book collections. His research has been funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, The Huntington Library, the Mellon Foundation, and others.

Juan Arroyo Headshot

Juan Arroyo

Juan Arroyo is an advisor to the Model European Union and Model United Nations teams. His teaching interests include European Politics, the European Union, International Organizations, Political Parties and Ideologies, Comparative Welfare States, Catholics and Politics, as well as Food and Water: Challenges to Sustainability. He earned his Bachelor of Arts at Cornell University and went on to receive a Masters of Arts and PhD  in Political Science at The American University. He has given multiple academic talks over the years. In June, 2018, he presented "Food and Sustainability: How government both helps and hinders" to the Longview community in Ithaca. Currently he is working on a paper regarding Spanish politics.