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Past Awardees

Meet AY 2020-2021 Awardees

A total of $140,000 was awarded during the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 funding application cycles.

Darragh Hare Headshot

Darragh Hare

Project Title: "Solidifying long-term Cornell-Oxford research partnerships on environmental behavior and morality"
Jennifer Rabedeau Headshot

Jennifer Rabedeau

Project Title: "Medieval Afterlives: Ornament and Empire in Victorian Britain"
Samantha Wesner

Samantha Wesner

Project Title: "Galvanizing the Citizen: Electricity and Revolutionary Energy in the Age of Democratic Revolutions"
Xuewen (Shelley) Yan Headshot

Xuewen (Shelley) Yan

Project Title: "A missing link in the hegemony of English in academia: The case of social sciences in China"
Katherine Zaslavsky Headshot

Katherine Zaslavsky

Project Title: "A Global Experimental Approach to Race, Immigration, and Inequality"
Chloe Tsui Headshot

Chloe Tsui

Project Title: "Charting Chinatown: From Public Health to Intangible Borders of Limehouse"
Ani Chen Headshot

Ani Chen

Project Title: "Voices of Authority: On Staging the Politics of Exclusion from Aristotle to Simone de Beauvoir"
Mary Jane Dempsey Headshot

Mary Jane Dempsey

Project Title: "Remember to Forget: Migration, Gender and Transnational Identities in Twentieth Century Italy"
Rebecca Gerdes Headshot

Rebecca Gerdes

Project Title: "Shaping the study of past European food systems: New approaches to archaeological food residues in Mediterranean pottery"
Aslihan Gunhan Headshot

Aslihan Gunhan

Project Title: "Displaced Modernities: The Ottoman Empire, Turkey and Specters of Armenian Architects"
Nina Obermeier Headshot

Nina Obermeier

Project Title: "We are (almost) all internationalists now: How right-wing populism drives support for international economic integration in post-crisis Europe"
Aimée Plukker Headshot

Aimée Plukker

Project Title: "Europe Calling: The Marshall Plan, U.S. Tourism to Europe, and the Making of “the West”"
Ecem Saricayir Headshot

Ecem Saricayir

Project Title: "Architecture of the Borderlands: Displacement, Resettlement, and Alternative Solidarities in the South Caucasus 1878-1993"
Jacqueline Tackett Headshot

Jacqueline Tackett

Project Title: "Experimental Literature and Science Fiction: Agency and Futurity in Postwar and Contemporary German Literature"
Sena Aydin Bergfalk Headshot

Sena Aydin Bergfalk

Project Title: "Stuck In-Between: Urban Governance, Place-Making, and Infrastructure in Barcelona"
Tessy Schlosser

Tessy Schlosser

Project Title: "Cruising metaphors of power with Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz"
Samantha Heinle Headshot

Samantha Heinle

Project Title: "Kafka in Musical Translation"

Alexander Symons

Project Title: "Pushkin State Russian Language Institute Summer School"
Louisa Weldy Headshot

Louisa Weldy

Project Title: "The Impacts of Brexit on Polish Migration Trends"
Juan-Jacques Aupiais Headshot

Juan-Jacques Aupiais

Project Title: "Anti-Racist Creolité: Rereading Grimm, Frenssen, Witboo"
Labib Hossain Headshot

Labib Hossain

Project Title: "The Discourse of Contained Water in Colonial Bengal: Separation of land and water in the making of ‘dry’ Dacca"
Du Fei Headshot

Due Fei 

Project Title: "Together but Separate: Law, Urban Environment, and Inter-Communal Relationship in Three Early Modern Indian Ocean Port Cities"
Craig Lyons Headshot

Craig Lyons

Project Title: "Strange Sea Kings: The Norse Diaspora in Dublin, 1014-121"
Michael Moynihan Headshot

Michael Moynihan

Project Title: "All Systems Go: architects, experts, and system-cybernetic governance in Latin America, 1973-1982"
John Un Headshot

John Un

Project Title: "Am Ende war das Wort" -- An Investigation into Eschatological Imaginaries"
Xinwei Xu Headshot

Xinwei Xu

Project Title: "What Do We Share in Common? A Relational Account of Inter-Ethnic Boundaries in Adolescent Friendship Networks in Four European Countries"
Emir Yigit Headshot

Emir Yigit

Paper Title: "State, Community and Exchange: Jewish Alienation and Jewish Emancipation between Hegel and Marx"
Shirley Le Penne Headshot

Shirley Le Penne

Project Title: "No Exi(s)t? Choosing Life Amidst Life Sentence"