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VP of International Affairs in The Hill

New R&D legislation undercuts innovation by limiting productive collaboration with China, says LASP faculty Wendy Wolford.

Eswar Prasad, SAP

“China’s growth trajectory is returning to a post-pandemic normal, with the government once again having to balance the imperative of maintaining...

Sturt Manning, Einaudi Center

Sturt Manning, professor of arts and sciences, led a team of researchers in radiocarbon dating a wooden pool structure in Italy.

Nicole Hassoun, Visiting Scholar

The drugmakers have “what everybody wants, and they can charge quite a bit,” says Nicole Hassoun, a professor at Binghamton University and visiting...

By James Nagy, SEAP Administrative Assistant

As featured in the Spring 2021 SEAP Bulletin, this article explores the life of SEAP's infamous Frank H. Golay Memorial Lecture Series. Through this...

Qi Wang, EAP

“Because of this interruption that’s lasted over one year, the things that we are usually so familiar with — the things we usually take for granted...
Academic Year Lao Language Instruction to be offered via synchronous distance learning at NIU  Full-time students should apply for tuition support...
Videos of the 2020-2021 SAP Seminar Series, as well as several past events, are now available on the SAP YouTube playlist.

Incoming Visiting Scholar Fights for Fair Elections in Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan cartoonist joins Einaudi's Latin American Studies Program this fall as an IIE Artist Protection Fund Fellow. Listen to an interview.
Please consider supporting these organizations working on the ground in South Asia to provide relief from COVID-19. They accept donations in US$.