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Current Laidlaw Scholars

Meet the 2022 cohort of Laidlaw scholars, part of the two-year Laidlaw Scholars Program that supports their research, provides extensive leadership training, and gives them opportunities to apply their skills at home and abroad. 

McKenzie Carrier '24

Laidlaw scholar McKenzie Carrier

Government & Spanish

Project: Xenophobia and the Law: The Efficacy of Spain's Migrant Protection Infrastructure

Liv Cramer '24

Laidlaw scholar Liv Cramer

International Agriculture & Rural Development

Project: Voluntourism: Is There a Better Way? 

Gaveal Fan '25

Laidlaw scholar Gaveal FAn

Information Science, Sociology, & Government

Project: Xenophobia in Social Media: Social Network Analysis of Twitter

Kiran Ganga '24

Laidlaw scholar Kiran Ganga

Human Biology, Health, and Society

Project: The Effects of Harmful Algal Blooms on Women's Health in Lake Victoria

Vipin Gunda '25

Vipin Gunda

Computer Science & Mathematics

Project: Ride-share Applications and Labor Market Transformation: The Case of SafeBoda

Armita Jamshidi '25

Laidlaw scholar Armita Jamshidi

Biology & Society

Project: Understanding the Cross-Cultural Implications of Diet on Women's Menstrual Health

Jeff Kangacha '24

Laidlaw scholar Jeff Kangacha

International Agriculture & Rural Development

Project: Improved Seed Varieties as a Mitigation Strategy for Climate Change

Tenzin Kunsang '25

Tenzin Kunsang - Laidlaw Scholar

Biology & Society

Project: School-Based Screenings and Novel Drug Regimen to Mitigate Tuberculosis Transmission

Andrea Miramontes Serrano '24

Laidlaw scholar Andrea Miramontes Serrano

Electrical and Computational Engineering

Project: Developing Alternative Energy Resources by Harnessing Already-Existing Energy and Designing an Optimal Implementation

Eli Newell '24

Laidlaw scholar Eli Newell

International Agriculture and Rural Development

Project: Advancing the Circular Bionutrient Economy: Addressing the Salinity Issue Associated with Urine as a Fertilizer

Shruthisri (Sri) Ravisankar '25

Laidlaw scholar Sri Ravisanka

Industrial and Labor Relations

Project: Assessing Socio-Economic Challenges Faced by Rural Artisans

Krupa Sekhar '25

Laidlaw scholar Krupa Sekhar

Global and Public Health Science

Project: A Cultural Melting Pot: Powerful Parenting Techniques Across Urban India

Summer Seward '25

Laidlaw scholar Summer Seward

Policy Analysis and Management

Project: Xenophobia in the Media and its Effects on Policy

Ashmitha Sivakumar '24

Laidlaw Scholar Ashmitha Sivakumar

Biomedical Engineering

Project: The Effect of Genetic Variant R47H-TREM2 on Amyloid-Beta Plaque Dynamics and AD Pathogenesis

Magdalena Smith '24

Laidlaw scholar Magdalena Smith

Government & Philosophy

Project: Linguistic Polarization and its Effects on the U.S.-China Relationship

Milan Taylor '24

Laidlaw scholar Milan Carter

Anthropology & Archeology

Project: Colonialism and the History of Museums and Libraries in Britain

Brenda Umwali '25

Laidlaw scholar Brenda Umwali


Project: Xenophobia in Social Media and Rights in Labor Migration

Skylar Xu '24

Laidlaw scholar Skylar Xu

Comparative Literature

Project: Demystifying the East India Company's Cabinet of Curiosities

Cici Zhou '25

Laidlaw scholar Cici Zhou

Sociology & Psychology

Project: An Independent Research on Innovative Education in China