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The Police and the Public: Global Perspectives

UN police adviser Luís Carrilho and racial politics expert Christian Davenport discuss policing, political violence, and racial injustice.

Worldwide Legacies of Racial Indentured Labor

Tao Leigh Goffe and her international partner, David Dabydeen, cofounded the new journal on indentureship. The first issue is due out in May 2021.

Register Now for the Final Democracy 20/20 Event

In the election's aftermath, the sixth and final installment of the Democracy 20/20 webinar series assesses the prognosis for American democracy.

Joseph Margulies, PACS

Calling for changes at the Guantanamo Bay detention center, Joseph Margulies, of Cornell's law school and government department, who has represented...

Peter Katzenstein, PACS

The article notes Peter Katzenstein, professor of government, says that Trumpism is based on three pillars: nationalism, religion and race.

Allen Carlson, CMSP, EAP, SAP

“There is a danger that (Chinese President) Xi Jinping will see this period as one of especially pronounced American weakness and look to take...

Kenneth Roberts, LASP

"Can these different social groups that are becoming activated, that are engaged in the public arena through protests – can the [Peruvian people] take...

Eswar Prasad, SAP

"The trade pact more closely ties the economic fortunes of the signatory countries to that of China and will over time pull these countries deeper...

Tamara Loos, SEAP

Tamara Loos, chair and professor in the Department of History, discusses why the current protests in Thailand are different from any the country has...

Jens David Ohlin, Law School

Jens David Ohlin, vice dean of the Law School and professor of law, says that the president absolving himself of his legal woes would be a “shocking”...