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IES hosts talks, panels, workshops, and more to promote academic exchange and scholarship. Events and community building are central to our mission.
Miguel Gómez, applied economics and management, says all the demand for food is now in supermarkets, instead of restaurants, hospitals, and schools.
Rebecca Slayton and Brian Clark on computer security issues.

Positions offer responsibility and campus exposure

Each semester, dozens of student workers call Einaudi their office. The positions launch many students into global careers.  

Mindi Schneider in conversation with John Zinda

Mindi Schneider discusses her research titled The Pork Fix: African Swine Fever and the Opportunity of Crisis in China’s Pork Industry.
Eun A Jo, the Director's Fellow in the Reppy Institute and a PhD candidate in government has several articles in South Korea's The Diplomat.
Leaders at every level of government—national, local, even university—face difficult decisions as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Weeks into the global health crisis, many connections in Cornell's Asian American community have grown even stronger and taken on a deeper meaning.
The COVID-19 pandemic has raised difficult questions at the intersection of science and policy. Stephen Hilgartner, professor of science and...
Eswar Prasad, professor of economics and policy, says that what matters is that CIPS, an interbank messaging system that eases international payments...