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In an opinion piece, Kaushik Basu writes that humans are bad risk assessors and during a pandemic, disastrous policy mistakes can be made.
Brita Lorentzen, '14, combined her interests in archaeology, geology, and ecology as an undergrad and graduate researcher in the Tree Ring...
Saule Omarova, law, talks about what a new financial institution could like to be prepared to weather crises, in Why Is This Happening? podcast.
Ashen Cabin is a practical example of how new manufacturing methods can turn what used to be waste into useful materials.
Karl Pillemer, professor of human development, comments that the current pandemic offers a low-risk opportunity for outreach to ask, "how are you...
The pandemic has shown that municipalities that own their utilities are more likely to protect residents from water shutoffs. 
Miguel Gomez, associate professor of food marketing, comments, USDA programs and their impact on food supply chain structure.
Dustin Liu '19 reflects on his time in Malaysia as an English teaching assistant.
Karl Pillemer, professor of human development, and Mark S. Lachs, professor of medicine, co-write an opinion piece about coronavirus in assisted...
Fresh out of Cornell’s vet college, Steven Osofsky ’89, noticed thousands of miles of fences when he arrived in Botswana as a wildlife veterinarian.