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Eli Friedman, EAP

The cross-class, cross-ethnic protests are a “movement against surveillance” says Friedman, professor of international and comparative labor.
Our Global Public Voices advocacy initiative, in collaboration with Oxfam America and Cornell Global Hubs, promotes Einaudi experts’ engagement on...

Rachel Bezner Kerr, Einaudi

Rachel Bezner Kerr, professor of global development, discusses CoP27, the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties climate conference.

David Ngam

With a commitment to youth empowerment and agricultural development, David Arnaud Ngam à Kibeng is championing growth and innovation for local...

Eun A Jo, Reppy Graduate Fellow, writes for Foreign Affairs

Confronting a Legacy of Forced—and Failed—Reconciliation

Travel to Borneo or Phnom Penh

Applications are now open for our two summer 2023 internships! Priority Deadline: January 15, 2023 - 11:55 P.M (ET) Secondary (and final)...
Join Cornell's international community for the 35th Annual Celebration of Gratitude Dinner on Thursday, November 24, at Morrison Dining. Buy your...

Cornell and Global Partners Come Together

Faculty, staff, and students from Cornell and the new Cornell Global Hubs collaborate on the next universitywide Global Grand Challenge.

Applications Open Now

Four current Laidlaw scholars share their summer research or leadership in action experiences.

Eswar Prasad, SAP

“Xi Jinping’s clear signals about the contours of his administration’s economic policies, which will be less favorable to private enterprise, are...