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More than Food: Agroecology and Narrative Agriculture in Phatheni

G-08 Uris Hall   The seminar series for fall 2023 explores the future of African land, agriculture and food, digging into the contestations,...

Lisel Hintz

Professor Hintz studies the arenas in which struggles over various forms of identity – national, ethnic, religious, gender – take place. She is a...

Stephen Yale-Loehr, Migrations

Stephen Yale-Loehr, professor of immigration law, discusses the backlogged work authorization system.

Raymond Craib, LACS

The government of Chile announced a national search plan to find the remains of people who disappeared under the country’s military rule from 1973 to...

Einaudi Showcases World of Opportunities

Don't miss this year’s International Fair on Aug. 30 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Uris Hall Terrace.

Access to Finance and Women's Access to Land

Register   Wednesday, August 30, 2023   2:30pm Samuel Wai Johnson, Jr., Professorial Lecturer of the School of International Service, American...

New Directors Take Helm at SAP, IAD, PACS

New and returning directors Sarah Besky, Rachel Bezner Kerr, and Rebecca Slayton share their programs' plans for this academic year.

Alexandra Cirone, IES

Alexandra Cirone, assistant professor of government, explains why abandoning Truth Social may be in Donald Trump's interest.

New Grant Cycle Open Now

Alex Flecker and LACS grad student Ethan Duvall are studying biogeochemical cycling in the Amazon with partners at the Ecuador Hub.

Apply by November 30!

American doctoral candidates, and postdoctoral researchers who want to pursue further research on Cambodia or on Cambodia within a regional context...