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Tagore Lecture on Friday, 4/14

Kamila Shamsie will give a reading and lecture on her new novel at this year’s Tagore Lecture from the South Asia Program. Don't miss it!
The Institute for European Studies announces the inaugural cohort of IES Graduate Fellows. Eight graduate students from various disciplines have been...

Eun A Jo, PACS

"There are signs of a thawing in the frosty ties between South Korea and Japan... But this is not the first time that the two countries shelved...

Tristan Ivory on Immigrants' Outcomes

Einaudi faculty member and past Global Public Voices fellow is tracking the long-term effects of migration.

Jessica Chen Weiss, EAP

Jessica Chen Weiss, professor of government, discusses Taiwan president Tsai's visit to the US and the geopolitics of Taiwain-China tensions. 

A GETSEA Community Book Read, April 18

A community book read with Teren Sevea, author of Miracles and Material Life: Rice, Ore, Traps and Guns in Islamic Malaya and winner of the 2022 Benda...

Sarah Kreps, PACS

Sarah Kreps, professor of government at the Brooks school, discusses challenges in detecting drones in aerial warfare. 

Former Costa Rican President's Lecture

Miss the Bartels lecture on Mar. 22? Watch President Carlos Alvarado Quesada speak at Cornell.

Jessica Chen Weiss, EAP

Jessica Chen Weiss, professor of China and Asia-Pacific studies, discusses a recent visit to the United States by Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.

Gustavo Flores-Macias, LACS

Gustavo A. Flores-Macías, professor of government, discusses democracy in Brazil.