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Old Ghosts, Animating Forces, Roman Diaries

The Cornell Classical Chinese Colloquium's text-reading series this fall features a range of intriguing topics and includes guest reading leader, Haun...
Dr. Sharif Hozoori was awarded an IIE-SRF fellowship in August 2021 and joined Cornell University as a Visiting Scholar at the Einaudi Center's South...

Tamara Loos, SEAP

Tamara Loos writes in Foreign Affairs about a new governing coalition in Thailand.

Tejasvi Nagaraja, GPV

Tejasvi Nagaraja, an assistant professor of history at ILR, says, “It is, indeed, a historic move on Biden’s part to walk a picket line — especially...

Free Expression is Political and Personal

A panel featuring artists from Nicaragua and Afghanistan kicked off our contribution to this year’s campuswide freedom of expression theme.

Professor of Linguistics at Cornell (1988 to 1996)

SEAP is saddened to share the news of Gérard Diffloth's passing.

Sharif Hozoori, SAP

"Afghanistan is a country of ethnic minorities. No one can claim to be part of a majority," said Sharif Hozoori at a September 21 event on...
Einaudi student information sessions are back in fall 2023! Join us to get the inside scoop about Einaudi minors, funding opportunities, Fulbright,...

How are N. K. Jemisin’s novels acts of political resistance?

Anindita Banerjee explains how dispossessed peoples’ stories can inspire a more equitable future for us all.
Learn more about Hubs seed grants for faculty, student opportunities, and a wealth of exciting programming on Freedom of Expression. Read the fall...